Dos Entrevistas en Español

Excerpt in El País

So I actually didn’t know this was going to happen, but it seems that Capitan Swing, my Spanish publisher, arranged to have an excerpt of the Spanish book published under my name in Spain’s second largest newspaper. It’s pretty weird to see my name on something that I had no idea about, but I suppose this is standard book promotion stuff. At least I like the photo they chose to accompany the excerpt.

El Pais excerpt.jpg

Das Magazin

I've been flea market shopping in the former east of Berlin, and I am now the proud owner of about 90 copies of Das Magazine from the 1950s, 1960s, 1970s, and 1980s. These monthly issues were the rough equivalent of the New Yorker mixed with Playboy in the GDR. It cost me a fortune to post them back to the United States, but hopefully they will offer a nice glimpse into life under state socialism.

Das Magazin.jpg

Finished reading "Make Way for Winged Eros"

For those of you interested in the works of Alexandra Kollontai and her views on sexuality, I finally finished reading the final part of her 1923 essay, "Make Way for Winged Eros: A Letter to Working Youth" for my A.K. 47 podcast. I’ll be discussing it in depth during my next episode, but make sure you listen to the whole essay before you listen to the discussion.

Rosie Boycott reviews my book for the Financial Times weekend edition

I am so thrilled and honored that Baroness Rosie Boycott took the time to write such a thoughtful review essay of my book and Virginia Nicholson’s for the weekend edition of the Financial Times. It is wonderful when someone really understands your work within a wider context.

Little Atoms Podcast with the Brilliant Neil Denny

I was so please to have had the opportunity to speak with Neil Denny on the Little Atoms podcast. He asked such thoughtful and insightful questions, and i love the fact that he allows long-winded academics like me to waffle on when necessary. I really do need to learn how to speak in sound byte one of these days…