Croatia-Russia 2-2, but Croatia wins on penalties...

Continuing with my massive lack of productivity, I watched two more entire soccer games today: the second round of quarter finals.  England beat Sweden in the first, and then the second game went into extra time. Russia lost to Croatia on penalties after 120 minutes of spirited play. When I wasn't watching the game, I was talking about it or thinking about it. I basically accomplished nothing else beyond writing this blog post.  A good Saturday in July, I suppose.  But thank goodness the World Cup happens only once every four years!


World Cup Productivity Slump

Once every four years, I get completely sucked into the World Cup and fail to do anything productive for weeks. And so it begins again. I just watched Germany get walloped by Mexico in a surprise upset. I like the German team, but boy were they outplayed in this game.  Thankfully, Sweden and South Korea are the other two members of their group, but they need to get their acts together. They weren't looking too Weltmeister-ey today.